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Complete Residential ACCA Manual J Load Calculations, ACCA Manual S Equipment Verification and ACCA Manual D Duct Design Services
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Quality HVAC Design Services Offered By Savoy Engineering Group

  • ACCA Manual J8 Residential Load Calculations

  • ACCA Manual S HVAC Equipment Verification

  • ACCA Manual D Duct Design (includes ACCA Manual T Air Distribution)

  • SDHV (small duct high velocity) Manual J & D Designs for SpacePak, Unico & Hi-Velocity Applications
  • REScheck Code Compliance Reports

Complete ACCA Manual J load calculations, ACCA Manual S equipment selection and ACCA Manual D duct design services

For tips on selecting a Quality HVAC Designer, Please read our article:  
"What is an ACCA Manual J load calculation?  10 steps to navigate the heat gain/heat loss load analysis process" 

Savoy Engineering Groups’ HVAC Design Education

  • Owner/Quality HVAC Engineer has successfully completed the ACCA ComfortU “Residential Design for HVAC Quality Installation” – see ACCA Credentials below
  • Owner/Quality HVAC Engineer has a “Master of Science in Engineering Management” and a “Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering” (magna cum laude)
  • All designers are trained over 2.5 years to ensure they develop accurate quality HVAC design skills
  • All designers must complete:  "Bob’s Home – Understanding the Residential HVAC Design Process"

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Be assured we know how to apply Manual J and Manual D when designing a quality residential HVAC system, and can prove it with an
ACCA Certificate!
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Savoy Engineering Groups’ WrightSoft Residential Experience

  • We only use the most up to date ACCA approved software WrightSoft Right-Suite® Universal: Version 13
  • Owner/Quality HVAC Engineer has used WrightSoft since 2005 and beta tested the SDHV module for WrightSoft in 2006
  • All our quality HVAC designers have viewed all pertinent videos available through WrightSoft’s Right-University
  • All our quality HVAC designers have attended the WrightSoft 2-day class
  • All designers are trained over 2.5 years to ensure they develop accurate quality HVAC design skills

What is ACCA Approved Manual J, S & D Software?

ACCA must reviews and approve Manual J, S & D computer software that licenses ACCAs intellectual property in order to ensure that the software produces results in compliance with ACCA standards. For accurate Manual J load calculation, make sure that your Manual JSD provider uses only ACCA-approved software in order to ensure compliance with your building codes. Get though permit review FAST!

Make sure the software used to create your ACCA Manual J load calculations, Manual S equipment sizing and ACCA Manual D ductwork deign has the logo:

 Powered by ACCA Manual J – Full Residential Load Calculation

Powered by ACCA Manual J – Full Residential Load Calculation

 Powered by ACCA Manual  D – Residential Duct Design

Powered by ACCA Manual  D – Residential Duct Design

Savoy Engineering Group uses the ACCA-approved Manual J load calculation program WrightSoft Right-J®. Wrightsoft and ACCA have been partners since 1986. As the original ACCA Technical Partner, Wrightsoft’s 20 year relationship is longer than all other software partners combined.

Manual J & S Pricing | Manual D Pricing 
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1) Please see our pricing page which has clear Easy to Understand Manual J & S pricing & Manual D pricing for Standard, Express & Priority turnaround times. The price is based upon the turnaround time you select and the conditioned space square footage.

2) Then, please review our Easy to Understand Project Submission Process to begin!

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What is an ACCA Residential Load Calculation (Manual J)? 

MJ8 produces equipment sizing loads for single-family-detached homes, small multi-unit structures, condo­miniums, town houses and manufactured homes. According to the International Code Council (ICC), “Heating and cooling equipment shall be sized based on building loads calculated in accordance with ACCA Manual J”.

ACCA's Manual J is the first step in the HVAC system design process of a new HVAC system. HVAC designers use Manual J methodology to accurately determine the heat loss through the exterior of a home during the cooler months, and the heat gain through the exterior of a home during the warmer months. Manual J uses your exact thermal envelope characteristics (wall, floor, ceiling, door and window). An HVAC load calculation also factors in your home's geographic location, orientation to the sun, envelope tightness, duct leakage, lights and appliances. ACCA's Manual J also determines the impact of humidity (sensible load) to the interior of the home.

A proper load calculation, performed in accordance with the Manual J 8th Edition procedure, is required by national building codes and most state and local jurisdictions.

ACCA Manual J Residential Load Calculation (8th Edition - Full)

What is an ACCA Residential HVAC Equipment Sizing (Manual S)? 

Once a Manual J HVAC load calculation has been completed, the homeowner/HVAC contractor will have the needed information required to move on to the second step in HVAC design:  accurately selecting the proper heating and cooling equipment.  Residential HVAC equipment MUST be selected utilizing the manufacturers OEM data performance which shows detailed data such as the equipment's total capacity to remove heat and moisture from the air, CFM and indoor/outdoor design temperatures.

Many contractors simply look at the AHRI data which will result in inaccurately sized HVAC equipment.  The AHRI Laboratory tests at 80 F indoor and 95 F outdoor.  Do you want your home only cooled to 80 F?  And if you live in Arizona, your outdoor design temperature is 108 F NOT 95 F… 

Always use OEM data not AHRI data to properly size your comfort system!

ACCA Manual S - Residential Heating and Cooling Equipment Selection

What is an ACCA Residential HVAC Duct Design (Manual D)? 
Manual D provides
A single set of ANSI-recognized duct sizing principles and calculations that apply to all duct materials.  Manual D is the ACCA method used to determine the overall duct lay-out including the individual duct sizes. To proceed with the 3rd step in HVAC design, designing a duct system, the HVAC system designer must have completed a Room-by-Room Manual J load calculation (HVAC Design Step 1) as well as a Manual S equipment selection (HVAC Design Step 2).

Often duct systems are installed without any design instead of using Manual J, Manual S and Manual D. This practice is the predominant reason for complaints of temperature differentials throughout a home as well as complaints of excessive noise caused by air velocity that exceeds the maximum allowed by Manual D.

The ductwork is the blood vessels of your HVAC system.  Use ACCA Manual D to ensure Right CFM to the RIGHT room so your comfort will be Just-Right!

Manual D Residential Duct Systems

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